Sanka in Space

Grandmama smoked cigarettes, the smoke swirling as the red-wing black birds she watched fluttered like ruby UFOs in the big yard of summer green, the glass orb on its pedestal surrounded by flowers and a garden of carrots and cabbage and long green beans ... the rabbit war machines with glossy eyes looking upward at [...]


A clown likes Rush

The neon sign in the window at the medicine store on the outskirts of a dusty desert American town read: LIVE LONG AND SUFFER. The letters were a mystical green color and when seen at night looked like a Martian glow splashed out on the parking lot. The spaceship had left him there and he [...]

Jennifer in the tall pine of my mixed memories of love

My feelings of late have been a mix of fear and love. I was in Denver recently and it was a big, dirty city of sadness … but then out there on the fringes, there was some beauty. There was beauty in the music, there was beauty on the beating down train, there was so [...]